Marketsurfer Gold?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by fifthavefats, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. What happened with the surfman? I see his GOLD THREAD has been closed. Looking good so far, the 3rd call might just be the charm-- rather amazing calling the 1020 top--on three trys.

  2. That loser was banned for spamming over and over again after being warned. Some people just never learn ya know :)
  3. gaj


  4. yeah, spamming has got to stop. however, I never saw the surfer spam. He posted links to Yahoo articles and other news, but I never saw him selling anything or whatever.

    regardless, the last gold call was brilliant.

  5. Well, owners of this site did and warned him a bunch of times, gave him the benefit of the doubt even and he still abused their trust. It's a good thing he was banned, he got too big for his britches :)

    PS I do not know about his gold call but he's made some real stinkers over the years.


  6. no doubt, hasn't everyone?

    I still have never seen actual spam from the surf, just some links to articles. oh yeah, he linked some stuff to SPONSOR covel too.

    Was he selling something--a newsletter or trading room?? I never saw anything like that.

    i think he was getting too close to the golden holy grail and the illuminati stomped him out.

  7. Well, its very convenient of you to hype up one call and ignore the pile of stinkers, don't you think?

    I don't know what he did exactly that caused "him" to be banned but apparently he violated rules over the course of some years, was warned several times, and did not learn his lesson.

    Now..."he" has......presumably :)

  8. Magna

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    fifthavefats was yet another shameless attempt by marketsurfer to skirt the multi-alias rule of ET, and this name has been retired. Baron made his position quite clear regarding marketsurfer and it would be best (and much less embarrassing for him) if he simply moved on.
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