Marketsurfer Declares STOCK BOTTOM IN!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by marketsurfer, Nov 4, 2008.

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    The Bottom has been hit in the stock market. The DJIA will not dip below 7777 for at least the next 2 years.

  2. Daal


    as usual your just trying to get attention with posts with 0 content
  3. I still think we need to test 7800. I hope you are right.
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    Let's not forget the trillion dollar cash infusion rally, when central banks talk, the stock market listens!

    i have never seen a more obvious bottom in the market---technically and fundamentally.

  5. ANyone who respects a racist as a trader is not worth listening to.
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    His racial views and his trading are two completly different things. Anyone who can not seperate a man's views from his work is not worth paying much attention too either.
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    Going to drill down into the projection and tighten it up a little here--- DJIA > 10,000 by 12.1.2008
  8. Your confusing the market surfer alias with the Pab(s)t Prime alias.

    The marketsurfer alias isn't a racist. He might not condem someone who is, but that's just them looking out for their own.

    The african-american culture would go far if it applied that lesson to themselves ... :eek: :( :D

    P.S. How do you know this surf?

    "The Bottom has been hit in the stock market. The DJIA will not dip below 7777 for at least the next 2 years."

    Sounds like some kinda mumbo-jumbo astro-analysis. :)
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    hey mandlebrot,

    its very clear to me. fundamentally with the massive infusion of cash and central bank support, the resolution of the election, technically, and simple common sense--the market has NO CHOICE but to launch into a MASSIVE RALLY!!

    here is a brief overview that was publicly released--- i concur 100% with this outlook

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