Marketsurfer called top in May, 2007

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  1. This is uncanny, marketsurfer calls market top in May, 2007!!


    "I believe this type of celebration of the trader is
    signaling a near term top in the US equity index
    markets. Market fever is so wide spread, Ciro
    Cipriani has installed 2 near life size wall street
    bulls outside his downtown location in Soho. One
    is in antique gold and the other in platinum, it will be interesting to see how long these remain
    during any type of market correction."
  2. so wheres the top call now 1575?
  3. The "top" was in October, not May.

    Also, who cares, this is 6 years old.

  4. Yes, it was slightly early-- but uncanny none the less.
  5. I hugely disagree, this was not uncanny. Many pundits made the same type of call during this time

  6. Who and where? Everyone was super bullish overdrive at the time.

    I think only the permabears were bearish, as they always are.

  7. I don't know, I am super bullish for now. surf
  8. I was not near term.
  9. Lucrum


    Why is it you never mention your gold top call?

    04-01-08 05:01 PM

    Gold is finished. gold will be sub 600 by 4.1.2009. The hype is over, the selling shall continue as large metallic holdings continue to be unwound. suggested shorting at 955, keep holding as the ride has just begun.

  10. Who cares gamblers call tops everyday. Did you get rich from that or are you trying to establsih some credibility? What is your motive for this?

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