Marketsurfer buys life belt from Madoff's Yacht

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  1. This is truly unreal!!!

    But those in the hall, plus 1,000 online bidders joining the auction through cyberspace, seemed to see value in the most mundane bric-a-brac. A lot comprising a fishing tackle box and a boogie board marked "Madoff" in black pen fetched $1,000. And three polo shirts bearing the name of Madoff's yacht, Bull, were snapped up for $1,300.

    A life belt from Madoff's vessel was sold for $7,500 to Dave Goodboy, a hedge fund manager, who told the New York Times: "It's like having something off the Titanic."

    And a buyer paid $2,000 for a wooden sign, obscurely marked BLM 216. The sign, it seems, once stood outside the Madoff family's beachside retreat on Long Island – at 216 Old Montauk Highway.
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  2. I'ed pay 25 bucks for a wooden stake that someone had driven up his ass.

    more surfer shenanigans!

    The various items include dishes, pens and stationery, boogie boards emblazoned with the 71-year-old’s Bernard Madoff’s last name, and a Rolex nicknamed the “Prisoner Watch.” A pair of diamond earrings was estimated to sell for $21,400, while a diamond and emerald bracelet was expected to be sold for $23,400.

    “It tells a story of excess,” said Goodboy, 44, a hedge fund employee. “Everything this guy had isn’t going to save him from being greedy. It’s a lesson to stay legitimate.” “There is a $150 wallet I want,” said Jose Gout, 39, a restaurant manager. “It’d be great to have this guy’s wallet. It’d be a funny conversation piece.”

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  4. lol lol lol :D

    He should have bought some Krugerrands instead.:p
  5. but he is not a hedge fund manager. He is the sales guy
  6. I also think an internationally famous man like goodboy should be welcomed back to this forum
  7. calls the guy a "marketing executive"

    Michael Graham, 17, student
    Minneapolis, MN
    Has his eye on: Decorative rescue ring painted “Bullship NY”
    Budget: $1,000
    Why: “It’s a good symbol of the recession. I plan to hang it in my room.”

    Dave Goodboy, 44, marketing executive
    New York, NY
    Has his eye on: Duck decoys
    Budget: What's that ?
    Why: “Madoff represents part of what’s wrong with Wall Street, part of the history of Wall Street. I want a piece of it.”

    Louis Carmo, 44, hotel owner
    New York, NY
    Has his eye on: Bull and bear cuff links
    Budget: “A few thousand”
    Why: “He pulled off the scam of a lifetime. Even though it’s fresh now, down the road it’ll be more valuable.”

    Bashkim Ardoli, 27, sales manager
    New York, NY
    Has his eye on: Personalized Mets jacket
    Budget: Up to $10,000
    Why: “He conned people out of more than $50 billion, and that’ll never happen again. I just want that jacket. My company has season tickets, so I’d wear it to the games.”
  8. Does he work for Victor Niederhoffer?
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