Marketsurfer as a technical analyst-- prehistoric evidence

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  1. Marketsurfer circa late 1980's complete with Tudor jones glasses and look of determination. LOL!

  2. Very nice... but HARDLY "Wall Street News" :D
  3. Look at me! Look at me!
  4. lwlee


    Nice picture. A little too much like Mike Douglas in Falling Down. What are you like 65-70 now? :p

    "Those gawd dang whippersnappers on ET!"
  5. LOL. Still on the south side of 50 but looking a bit burned--- good movie, by the way!

  6. ^ Narcissisist operating above....
  7. Lets not forget the Gordon Gekko suspenders. They have the power.
  8. LOL! No question about it, and they were not the clip ons--the real button ones! I traded at Charles Schwab and a broker came in wearing clip on suspenders-- the guy was hassled for days for that fashion mistake. Those were the days!
  9. Dave Goodboy, that's just bad ass.

  10. For public relations and marketing sake, have you considered legally changing your last name to "Goodman"? :confused: :D :p :cool:
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