Markets will fall much more--READ

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hitman4gk, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. the start of the market decline,about 2 weeks ago,coincides with the implosion of the sub prime lenders. now there is evidence that the delinquency rate is increaing in the prime market as well and that is scaring the stock markets,.the stock market started the bull basically when the real estate boom really took off. all the growth in the economy was more or less a direct result of real estate/home equity...think about it,,that is why the consumer was so brazen with their there seems to be a major concern that credit is about to get crunched as more and more financial institutuins are tightening their standards,,regardless of what the cheerleaders on cnbc say,the real estate crash is perhaps half way over(if that)...there is no bottom in real estate yet,the real effects will take about another year and a half to unfold..whenever you have a housewife recommending real estate,its a sign of a baubble..just like 1999 and 2000 when plumbers and librarians were recommending internet stocks...the bear market last 2 years..housing slumps last longer because they are not nearly as liquid as stocks..stocks can be sold any second,real estate can languish on the market for over a year.
  2. Osorico, this guy (the OP) is brilliant. Have you read any of his other threads?
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