Markets Will 'Explode Higher' Like a Rocket Ship: Strategist

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    I needed a good fucking laugh tonight, and I found it of course at

    Wow, now doesn't that want to let you just go out and buy first thing tomorrow morning, this guy talks as if it the market has been selling off for the last decade and its finally going to rally more than its ever done before.
    Market is up 8 out of the last 9 days, this is what happens when the markets are one sided, you get these crazy "strategists" coming out of the wood work to say that the market is going to go even higher. I have seen this dozens and dozens of times only to see the market come right back down. Pull up some old articles or videos from 2007 and look at all the idiots yelling to buy anything and everything. Months later you were able to buy nearly any stock 50% cheaper than for what it was selling for. Dont fall for the hype, even if it does move higher you will still be able to buy the SPX under 1000 in due time.

    Markets Will 'Explode Higher' Like a Rocket Ship: Strategist
    Published: Monday, 13 Sep 2010 | 1:34 PM ET
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    By: JeeYeon Park
    CNBC News Associate

    Stocks extended their gains into a third week as bank stocks soared following new global regulatory requirements. Will the rally continue? Paul Schatz, president of Heritage Capital, and Christopher Zook, chairman and CIO of CAZ Investments, shared their outlooks.

    “Short-term, markets are on solid footing—I’d liken it to a rocket ship that’s gassed up with a lot of fuel,” Schatz told CNBC.

    Schatz expects markets to eventually “explode higher.”

    “In the odd chance that it doesn’t [surge] with all the positive things underneath, I think it will fall 10 percent very quickly—which is not what I’m forecasting.”

    Short-Term Jump?

    In the meantime, Zook said markets are likely to see a short-term boost following the November elections, as some political uncertainties get cleared out.

    “We can see some rally toward the end of the year,” he said. “Then, we face the economic realities of higher taxes and slower growth.”

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  2. “In the odd chance that it doesn’t [surge] with all the positive things underneath, I think it will fall 10 percent very quickly—which is not what I’m forecasting.”

    so the market is going higher but if it doesn't it will fall. hmm...
  3. all the market is really a proxy for fixed income. Stocks remain elevated when credit spreads are tight and borrowing is easy. The US has essentially put itself in the position where it has to borrow to survive and any increase in borrowing costs spells the end. Dont be surprised when the fed becomes the only buyers of treasury debt because everyone pulls out
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    Exactly and how come no one sees or understands this, they think the last few quarters of GDP growth were real, they think that there is an economic recovery on the way, but what they fail to fucking comprehend is that its all happening with worthless monopoly dollars. Thats all this turnaround was, it was just easy free worthless dollars being thrown around, this is why the economy is where it is today, because of the easy money policies and cheap credit that was easy available during the credit boom. The same thing is happening again. Everyone keeps cheering and that this is a turn around, its not even close to a turnaround. Stop pumping the trillions of dollars into the global economy so we can truly understand that this is not real growth. Its all a mirage, thats all it is.
  5. I got news for you: it's already happened, and it's going to continue until you suffer the same fate as that iconic permabull, stocktrad3r (I think that was his handle).
    Sometimes, I wonder. Often, actually.
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    Ah stocktrad3r, some people used to call him stockturder :D
  7. it's already happened, and it's going to continue until you suffer the same fate as that iconic permabull, stocktrad3r>


    What has happen'd? A move to the "higher point of the range"?

    This is an absolute fuking joke....all these pundits coming out on th "Bullish" horn.

    It is a great trading market with these moves and thats about it.

    Nothing has happen'd. More money is trying to be leaked into the system so my niece and nephew can be FUCKED BEYOND any dream of ever paying back the Trillions. They will have the burden of all this bullshit with their standard of living persa. Of course, they will not for reasons, but many kids their age will not have momy and daddy's wealth to help them through the rest of their lives.

    So, for all you bumbling fok'n fools who chearlead about a BULL Market, think and read between the lines. Think about the future of this country and not about loosing your Home that your 5x in debt with or your bullshit "Car" that you leased for 8 years or all the other 'BALLER' shit you have, to try and ONE UP YOUR neighbor.

    Hence, those people I just mention make me fuk'n sick to my stomach. Far more than all you OBAMA FANS with your "HOPE and CHANGE" bullshit because you at least stand for something.
  8. They will do anything they can to delay reality making the eventual recognition of this disaster even worse. I remember vividly out of control it got in 08. A sovereign debt collapse would be unimaginable
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    the market is going higher!

    it's beaten down so now it's very cheap

    there is nowhere else to go but the stock market!

    GO INTC!
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