Markets will correct 50% from today’s close

Discussion in 'Economics' started by IV_Trader, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. within 2 years .
    Mark today as a Black Bailout day .
    Nuff said.
  2. did you mean the markets will go UP 50% in 2 years?
  3. down
  4. 50% UP would be more believable.
  5. bh_prop


    Must be a Prechter crony
  6. Well at 1282 on the S&P we are right about where we were on the last bounce that failed. If this holds awhile and moves up, I'm in. If not, back to puts on the OEX.
  7. All of you guys are wrong!

    The market will go up 300%.

    The bottom has been set. It's all up from here.

    I am all-in and more. I am leveraged long and will just keep adding to my winning position.

    If you borrow money at 8% and make 300% in this bull market, the difference is 292%. No brainer.

    Buy this market. We are going to the moon.
  8. turd is back

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    quote from Trvlwanderer
    My immediate reaction too. lol
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    Oh no, he's been resurrected. God, he'll never leave! But if you dont have people like this, where would the easy money come from? All the better for us.
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