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  1. MGJ


    It's a Brand Awareness website launched by John J Lothian, a consultant who sells his expertise by the hour. He seeks to enhance the visibility of his own brand, "John J Lothian".
  2. MarketsWiki is an online knowledge base powered by the paid readers of newsletters I publish and a team of experience journalists and consultants.

    I do some consulting, but am a broker, Commodity Trading Advisor and newsletter publisher. I am also the founder of MarketsWiki.

    MarketsWiki was created after a review of the newsletter I started in 2000. I looked at the reasons I started it, what was there status now and what were the current challenges. At the top of the list of current challenges was the loss of intellectual capital from the trading floors and the loss of collaboration with that intellectual capital. Other issues included futures and securities coming together like never before, the new environmental markets and globalization of the markets. To address these needs we used the free software that powers Wikipedia to build our own knowledge base.

    We have used Good Will we have built up over the years to fund the development of MarketsWiki by attracting an impressive list of sponsors.

    Ironically, we think MarketsWiki will become our dominant product and even looked at renaming the whole company to reflect that. However, the brand of John J. Lothian does have tremendous value and so we have kept it to help MarketsWiki and our other products grow.

    Our goals are not to promote the brand, but to use the brand to promote markets and help people trade and invest them while reducing their non-price risk risks by utilizing MarketsWiki and our newsletters, which are free and voluntary pay respectfully.


    John J. Lothian