Markets Vs. Woman Leaders?

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Was the speaker responsible for today's crash?

  1. YES

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  1. There is no way a guy speaker would have screwed up the market as the speaker did today!
    Just go through the history and when was the last time a house speaker had blown the markets apart as she did today?
    Although she may have been right on her issues but isn't she supposed to be a politician and not a Gossiper?!!!
  2. [​IMG]

    Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings so Republicans voted no. Waaa.

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    Party of Crybabies.
  3. there's a word for her that starts with a b.
  4. ERTW


    hahaha, I was just going to say that.

    Some house republicans are so sensitive. :)

    So, did they vote against the Bill because:

    1. They want to listen to people's voice?
    2. They love free market?
    3. Pelosi hurt their feelings?

    Come one, they can only choose one, can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Personally, I think it's
    4. Because they want to get re-elected. After the election, they will just pass another 700billion bail out bill.
  5. You hit it on the head. Women in the workplace take everything PERSONALLY.

    Men are natural breadwinners.

    They are willing to EAT SHIT at work if it puts bread on the table.
  6. She was reckless and irresponsible, leaders should not subordinate what little confidence was left in the market.
  7. ERTW


    including your mom?

    Or is she a stay-at-home mom and home schooled you? Is that why you can manage to keep such a narrow mind in this day and age?
  8. I believe women have special gifts to contribute in life - but Pelosi is shrill.
  9. If my mom be alive, she be 95.

    But if you would like to grow some gonads, then call me a politically INCORRECT SOB, otherwise making inferences to my dead beloved mother makes you appear a product of a NANNY GUBMINT more than me being a product of some wacko Christian right-wing creationist home schooling gun loving religion clinging nut as you implied.
  10. Some of you guys act as if the failure of the bill was due to the republicans. The dems coulda rallied behind that whore and passed it if they saw fit. What it really comes down to is the dems wanting to cause more pain under Bush and blow more smoke up our ass to give barack osama a shot of winning some votes.
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