Markets up because Dodd is out.

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  1. He is leaving which is taking away the huge spector of government nationalization of health companies potentially out of the picture. One reason that brought about the GE rally and general market upward momentum.

    The best we can hope for is total government gridlock in the next few months.
  2. nothing to do with all analysts predicting a big positive number in employment tomorrow?
    in addition dodds replacement is more popular than dodd and is a good bet to win.
    back to the research books for you.
  3. With all of the recent workplace shootings, just imagine if a congressman were to "take out" 20 to 30 other politicians. The Dow Jones could rally 2,000 points in one day. One can wish. :eek:
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    A new term could be coined, "Going Congressional". And, if Obama were the one 'going congressional' he would be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak! If he really wanted to stimulate the economy he should consider going for it. :D
  5. dodd for Treasury Secretary ?
  6. Does that mean the 2009 rally was because of Obama?
  7. You could knock them all off and you'd get similar sociopaths back in power.

    It's not the politicians, it's the people in the background. The elite think it's their right to suck America dry.

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    Mr. Dodd is gone. Now if the public can get rid of the real problem in the Senate Bank Committee:

    Richard C. Shelby of ALABAMA
  9. Dodd leaving is pushing equity prices up. If we can get gridlock in the congress it would be even better for the markets.

    We need a 50/50 mix so that nothing happens for the nest couple of years.
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    wrong............the govt ids the only buyer, with or without dodd.
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