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    Obama's been great for the markets.p huge since jan 20...But now you have all these anti american gop morons complaining about what a bad prez he is.Does that bozo larry kudlow praise obama and the goldilocks market move or is he trying to find ways to exercise his bigotry as well?
  2. You sound like a teen texter waiting for his next B. Hussein handout. You conveniently left out a lot of things, among them:

    a) Stocks plummeted when he was inaugurated and hit a 13-year low on his watch. Give him credit for that, too.

    b) After that big of a fall, such snapbacks always happen...same thing happened after the first major leg down in the '29 crash/Great Depression era.

    c) Gold is hitting new highs daily. That is a very poor reflection on the world's confidence in Obama, despite whatever prize they may give him. Watch what the Chinese buy, not what they say (though they've openly expressed their concerns).

    d) I won't even get in to all the economic problems worsening under him and his record-setting spending spree. You can only cover them with ultra-low interest rates and euphoria over "hope-n-change-and-steal-from-the-productive" programs for so long.
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    Yeah, and unemployment is up over 10% nationwide, and the anointed one is spending the country into bankruptcy. Part of his current mission in China right now is to bend over and suck their pee pee's for more money to keep the U.S.A. running. Obama is like the out of control teenager spending money he doesn't have, then run to mommy & daddy in China to have them cover it. Obama is an absolute clusterfuck as president, and there's no way he'll get a second term. After the 2010 elections, the GOP will control the House, and Obama's radical, liberal agenda will be toast. :D
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    No i didnt forget but youre right markets are up 50% since the lows...not bad.Anyway find any excuse to crap on this rally which is the biggest or second biggest gain in history.Deal with it.
    All that matters is the market.Traders dont give a fk about unemployment.Obvious you dont trade if your harping on your lame excuses.It s like saying "the yankees might have won the world series but a rod has used steroids in the pasr".Who frikkin cares?Get a life.Obama stabilized the downward implosion that your doofus created waaaaaay before jan 20.
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    Yeah, by spending 750 billion on a stimulus package that has us at a 10.2% unemployment rate. where are all those green jobs that the great dictator promised? Oh wait, that was the responsibility of his boy, Green jobs czar Van Jones. That's before he ran his mouth like the ignorant liberal he is, and was forced to resign. ROFLMAO!!! But look, the anointed one is going to hold a job summit on Dec. 3rd. Maybe we'll hear Joe Biden tell everybody once again that "We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt". That's typical Democrat douche bag thinking.
  6. You know, you could very well be right about that. - - - Does any real professional trader, who can read charts and see prices vs volume believe the market is real & based on top line earnings ?

    Maybe youre arguing with a kid in a college dorm, or even a pimply faced high schooler. His 'writing style' is a dead give away, and he couldn't hide it, even if he knew how. Regards, - - - -
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    hey moron the market is up 40% for the year.WTF do you care if unemployment is 10.2 ...thats for little tards like you...wall st is happy and giving bonuses...that is what conservatives want :billionaire bailouts...You sound like a socialist-you teabaggers are so confused and so anti capitalist its hilarious.You dont even know how youve been duped by your own conservative rhetoric and mantras.
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    Right, no one cares about the unemployment rate or economy. That's why two Democrats just had their asses handed to them in Virgina and New Jersey. These are two states that Obama won with ease just 12 months ago, but now the voters have turned on him. What was the #1 issue that decided those elections -"The Economy". Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters all said that the nation's unemployment rate, and out of control spending were the reasons that gave the Governor's seats to Republicans. This is all a direct reflection on Obama. He has lost the Independent support that gave him the election in 2008. The Democrats are in for the mother of all beat downs in 2010, and they can thank the big spender Obama for that. Spend, spend, spend, and no job creation. That is terminal cancer for the Democrats.
    You need to get out of your parent's basement and find a job. Oh, that's right, Obama hasn't created any. My bad. lol :p
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    The dow is up 40% thats all traders care about.
    Unemployed losers like you who are waiting for mcdonalds or home depot to rehire them care about it.
    I have news for you,jobs arent comin back for a few years so get used to your moms basement or the homeless shelter.If you knew anything about markets you would know that markets recover before jobs.Ive been trading longer than youve been alive, junior.Then again you have no idea what trading is.You are just another non trader loser on et who knows nothing about markets.

    BTW,republicans were the ones who lost 2 congressional seats.Those are the important ones not governorships.You dont even know who makes federal policy do you?Man ,youre brilliant.

  10. O.K. kid. You think you know what real 'traders care about'. What exactly is it, in your opinion that has driven the market up so much ?
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