Markets topped out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by prince-in-jail, Nov 7, 2007.

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  2. Wow, thanks. Fantastic, prescient advice.
  3. Buying the dip will fuck some at one point or another soon.

    For example, this November is shaping up to be like August.

    Traders that kept buying the dips on those August dips eventually got lucky that Aug. 17th day when the FED pulled this rate cut non sense and liquidity infusions. Rallied all the way back to 14k DOW

    Could of been lots of dip buyers blown out if that didn't happen as we were dumping overnight hard that Thursday night. Market should of just crashed that day and not have the FED step in.

    I just wonder what will happen this November options expiration day....
  4. The markets can only go up.

    Bernanke is doing what is best for the USA.

    Bush is the decider.
  5. Bush is an nitwit. Don't you mean Pres. Cheney?
  6. Where's my mentor StckTdr?

    I need some reassuring comments for all of us that believe in him and his sage wisdom.

    Perhaps double up at these greatly discounted levels - after all Santa will be nice and there are no more Bear Markets (lol)??

    stupid idiots ALWAYS hype the bull right into the toilet EVERY TIME.

    It may be now or it may be later but it is only a matter of time when his "advice" gets killed.

    gilbert aka paysense.

    Can't wait for Monday to come and RIMM,BIDU,AAPL,GOOG reach new highs so I can hear him purrrrr!; )

    Trouble is things could look starkly different by then as they do now and have for some time.:eek:
  7. Looks near term oversold. But for the first half year of 2008 we should target Dow 12,000 and resume the "rally" afterwards.
  8. piezoe


    What a scary thought that is!