Markets to fall on warren win. That's what they keep saying over and over

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    As I mentioned in another thread, union households will NOT vote for her. The union management will naturally bankroll the Dem nominee - but no household will give up the blue chip healthcare benefits that they bargained 75 years for. No way.
  3. If Warren gets elected I'm actually intrigued to see the chaos that psycho creates.
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    I'm with you on that idea. It would be a pretty amazing situation.
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  6. I could be wrong but I really believe the majority of those people voting in the poll incorrectly think a Democrat will be put in place of him once he's impeached.
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    Ah it is about that time of year when people start saying "boy there's no way <candidate> could get elected - the market/sky/etc would fall!"

    Sure reminds me of a time the silent majority elected a mango with a groping problem into office. I'm positive the silent majority could make it happen across the aisle too.

    It would be wise to realize Biden would wipe the floor with Trump almost overnight, and Warren would give him a significant run for his money. His rallies are smaller than his hands after all the recent controversy and both of his major opponents have literal years of tape and twitter rants to use to erode his character. It will truly be a miracle if the RNC doesn't give a supermajority to the dems in 2020.
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  8. There is no way Pocahontas is going to win over enough people to take the presidency. But if she does, everything will crash. And then she'll have to get on her knees to beg for the PPT to take over. Then it will go back up and everything will continue as it has.
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    It'll be a Biden/Abrams ticket.

    And before anyone says 'she's not gonna jump in' as a VP like they always do when I write this... it might be interesting to note that she's traipsing around Iowa today. Wonder why.

    With support from the likes of Obama, Oprah, and a dozen other prominent African-Americans, no matter who wins the Dem front-runner slot.... she's gonna be the running-mate.
    The African-American voter turnout will be the determining factor in the 2020 Presidential election. She has the moxy to light that fire and get that Obamaesque voter turnout.
    Imo, as it stands right now at least.... Biden/Abrams will have the best chance to beat Trump.
    Just calling it as I see it.
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    Multiple Polls: Trump still highly competitive in battleground states - Leads Warren

    Polls show support for impeachment weaker in key battleground states

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