Markets to be closed for rest of the week??

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  1. Post 9/11 action is coming FED and talking with SEC to close market aka bank holiday for week.
  2. is there an actual article on this or is this just what you are hearing?? doesn't sound too likely to me....but you never know with these guys....
  3. Probably right up there with the false reports that the uptick rule was reinstated.
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    This sounds like some made up stuff and stupid thinking. I have not heard anything about it. If it happens all hell is going to break lose, "banking holidays" are hardly an effective means of stopping panics.
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    How is this news, stop making up rumors please....
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  7. This has been used in the past and it will be used to buy time for the authorities to stop the bleeding. With market closed they will bring in tough new rules on short selling etc. Mark my word.
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    Other than 9/11 when has it been used?
  9. The NYSE shut down for several hours the Wednesday after the '87 crash. Not at all analogous to what's happening now.
  10. It also closed, as per the rules at the time, for a few hours during the 1997 crash (Asian Contagion).
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