Markets should be open every day

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  1. Since money never sleeps markets should always be open every day. Not necessarily every hour of every day. There's no point to having a holiday unless it is to halt the market after a 5,000 pt DJIA decline.
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    I have said this a thousand times. Money never sleeps so why should the market that controls trillions of it sleep??

    You dont see that national debt calculator taking time off? do you? haha.

    They still think its 1976, 6.5 hour trading days are a joke. This market should not sleep, it should be open 24/7.
  3. It's a good thing we're closed. Asia and Europe are all off 5-7%. The German DAX is down 7.16% today! That's the equivalent of the Dow being down 860 in a single day!
  4. Excellent Commentary

    24/7 and WORLDWIDE
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    You think by being closed today is good? It seems anytime panic sets in on the market its a good thing to be halted because of hundreds of trade imbalances or some negative news coming out.
    You have to understand that the incredible bull rally over the last 5 years in every market around the world has led to this market decline, the incredible run the emerging markets have had, the amount of liquidity driving these markets has caused markets around the world to inflate at record pace, creating what we have today, a global selloff in equities.
  6. Why is that a good thing? The market closed meands you cannot trade those huge swings :(. Globex traders at least can do something..
  7. Yes, I would like to cover more of my Rydex 200% Inverse S&P500 funds that I have had since late November today but the fund is closed. Very Very interesting how the dig drop happens when the US cash markets are closed..too convenient and NOT random imo. :D
  8. I think the fact that everyone is "locked" out from doing something, and taking action, will only make trading tomorrow that much better!
  9. Tomorrow will be a doozy! :D
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    Right now the nasdaq futures are off 4%, thats one of the biggest drops I have seen in a long, long time, aside from that I do have a feeling that they will probably take them back up to 1800 overnight and most likely by morning that drop of 4% on the futures will only be about half that. Would be nice to trade these markets now....
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