Markets seem to love obama

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  1. It seems the market likes what Obama has done so far.
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  3. One night stand.
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  6. Like "Flash Crash"??? :eek:
  7. They choose to ignore this fact as well as the fact that businesses are making record profits.

    If the stock market had tanked I bet they would be posting about it daily
  8. So do you want to judge the president by how the "common man" on the street is doing or how the market is doing......hmmmm???

    Let's go talk to the TRUE backbone of America....Small Business!!! Let's see what they say! :cool:
  9. Forex trading transactions worldwide are worth $3 Trillion per day. That is 40 times the size of Nasdaq.

  10. Fast forward 100 yrs. .....

    "It took a black guy to solve whitie's problems"

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