Market's Run Not Done Yet!!!!

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    Cramer is "INCREDIBLY" bullish!!!!!

    *I think it may be time to worry since I got rid of all my inverse ETFS today at DOW 11100!!!!!!!!

    Im sure he will say this all the way to DOW 14k and before you know it the next 50%+ drop comes.

    Market's Run Not Done Yet
    Published: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 | 3:32 PM ET
    By: Tom Brennan
    Web Editor, Mad Money

    “I do believe genuinely that this is a real turn,” Cramer said during Wednesday’s Stop Trading!.

    The Mad Money host is incredibly bullish after strong earning reports from JPMorgan Chase [JPM 47.73 1.86 (+4.05%) ], Intel [INTC 23.52 0.7501 (+3.29%) ] and CSX [CSX 55.46 2.18 (+4.09%) ]. One of the biggest rails, the biggest bank and the biggest chipmaker all are saying, “We have too much business,” Cramer said. “We have to go higher.” He called that “the kind of boom that you want to own the stocks of.”

    While some may say that they’ve missed the move, especially given the Dow’s run over the past year from 6,500 to over 11,000, but Cramer disagreed. Not with Intel trading at just 12 times earnings and JPMorgan up barely a few points from its last secondary offering.

    Also, others may claim that stocks are too expensive, with Caterpillar [CAT 67.28 1.09 (+1.65%) ] trading at 47 times earnings and Boeing [BA 71.70 0.51 (+0.72%) ] trading at 39 times. But that’s exactly how stocks are supposed to trade at the trough, Cramer said. Multiples are high, but earnings are low. For that reason, he said CAT would be even more attractive at a higher multiple, and he likes Boeing as a play on what should be a multiyear aerospace cycle.

    Plus, CSX, JPM and INTC all point to job creation. Cramer said CSX will need to hire to keep pace with its business, and JPMorgan and Intel both announced they’d soon be hiring, with the former taking on 9,000 employees and the latter adding 1,300.

    Cramer said that right now the US is “more investable than most.” Columbia and Brazil have run too much, China’s trying to cool off its economy and Europe is struggling with debt problems. Meanwhile, the US has a “very good course of growth” and great leaders at Treasury and the Federal Reserve in Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke, respectively.

    Speaking of the Fed chief, Cramer defended his continued emphasis on keeping interest rates low until the US economy is completely in the clear. And apparently inflation isn’t yet a problem because today’s number was a “thing of beauty,” Cramer said. Still, he said that interest rates could start to rise, so people want to lock in low mortgage rates while they can, because he believes they’re being kept artificially low.

    Cramer also offered up a couple pin-action plays during today’s Stop Trading!. He said CSX’s bullish comments about metallurgical coal, which is used to make steel, is a positive sign for Walter Energy [WLT 98.48 2.46 (+2.56%) ]. WLT uses CSX to ship its met coal.

    And lastly, “Ford [F 13.35 0.56 (+4.38%) ] is the winner off” Toyota’s [TM 80.33 1.30 (+1.64%) ] Lexus problems, Cramer said. He thinks consumers will turn to the American auto giant as a result.
  2. Yes - the fact that you got bullish just now is a huge contrarian indicator to me...
    I am VERY bearish RIGHT NOW and shorted a little bit today (for the first time since being spit out on 3/29)
    11-3 and I'm going to buy as many WOOOOOOOTM ES puts, long dated....
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  4. Market will rally through summer reaching 1248 (.615) Fib retracment. Then in early fall money comes out bigtime. Jan 1 2011 Capital gains goes up 5% , Dividend income tax doubles.

    Last chance to take gains at lower taxes for at least 10 years.

    Market will be down at least 3000 points by election
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    Reaching 1248 by the summer??? I think that will happen within the next few weeks well before summer even gets here. This market doesn't look like its nearing a sell off anytime soon.