Markets retest March 9 2008 lows?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aceofbase, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. What are the odds of that?

    When all the gov't stimulus money just goes into wall street firms and Goldman Sachs bank accounts.

    More taxpayers sucked into the wall street blackhole.

    Typical death spiral economy when poor working class taxpayers pay their taxes to support rich people in wall street. so their investment portfolio looks good on paper. paper profits.

    Wall street ponzi scheme is small compared to Madoffs.

    Most poor people don't own stocks or 401K plans.

    1. Working class 401k investor got robbed in 1999 tech bubble retail morons.

    2. instituaion investors and high net wealth investors go ripped off ain real estate CDO in 2008

    3. US taxpayer gov't got sucked into wall street bailing out bankrupt companies and liablities of trillions because they fear of depression. The gov't made the 1929 crash worse with tarriffs and not allowing the free market to take care of itself. (price corrections)

    The price of homes are dependent on the income of people living in the area not what the lhomeowner think it's worth or paid for it or how much it cost to build it.

    same as stocks, price of stocks dependent on value of company assets and earnings. and general economy.