Market's psychology in details is a fake

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  1. I have written in my model's guide that

    "Market's psychology can explain how the crowd could react dramatically to some events but in details it does not explain everything for example intraday price actions during the so called globex electronic market where there is only a few participants and especially market makers even when regular hours trading is closed whereas globex goes on. Nevertheless the behavior has the same pattern and our equations using only past datas and not real time datas has the same power of prediction during globex session."

    As an illustration look at globex of Dow Jones even during the weird thursday session:

    <IMG SRC=>

    the picture has been taken directly from cbot. It made a low of 7691 at 00:25 whereas the model calculated a theorical low of 7692.02. At 00:25 where are the mass people ? They are sleeping :D so it cannot be them that drive the market in REALITY. Mass people are DRIVEN by the market not the contrary :p.
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    what was your winning % on 5m chart.
  3. I don't publicize on Elite. This a "knowledge" post. I talk of my system as I can talk of anything else here.

    So consider that it is very very very bad and forget it :D

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    done !
  5. Sometimes it can be more complex but indication is given by symbol TL meaning "Top Local". For example today for french cac40 (since US is closed):

    <IMG SRC="">

    in theory 2884.05

    in real 2884.86 ( )
  6. Sorry to be rude but it is not against you but against the elites of elite who accused me in the past of doing my marketing here. So now I will do antimarketing :D :D :D ! In fact I want only attract people intelligent enough to think by themselves and not believers of goships. If they have eyes and want to see they will see by themselves not through my eyes: I have only two and I won't lend them at any price :p