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  1. Let’s settle short vs long vs neither debacle ones and forever:

    *Total stocks : 1251 ( price > 10 ; average option’s volume > 300)
    * Total premium = 6084$ ( sum of all ATM straddles , one per stock)
    * ATM strike = current price

    I will post total intrinsic value after 3/21 close.
  2. Let me guess... long gamma wins? You're a long gamma guy. So either I guess correctly or you're trading the wrong way. ;)
  3. hehe …nice try , atty. I think results will be flat/neither…And btw , I am both long and short…just depends WHICH ones.
    Well , market is closed , so I’m bored

  4. If you were to create an index of those stocks, which let me refer to as IVT (IVTrader index). Buying a straddle on IVT (if the straddle and the index existed) and selling hedging straddles on the stocks will very likely make money.
  5. Trade forex, it will keep you busy. I have been trading it today, and made some tough. I just took profits, and I am reversing the position to the short side in EUR/JPY as I am typing this note.
  6. For the record, I am building a pyramid starting at 158.63 up to the area of 158.83. Stops (reverse pyramid starting at 158.93).
    If reversal happens and continues, hold position. If not lower stops to profitable area (if any), and check things up during asian session and before I go to bed.
  7. How about no more "for the record" posts from you? Especially to tell us you are trading forex, but posting it in the options forum....
  8. Are the moderator? I agree that I should have posted it elsewhere, and I later did. It is under live trades in forex trading. It was a suggestion to another member who was bored like I was. I filled the boredom by trading forex, he filled his by posting a thread.

    ET does not belong to you. One man, one view. I am not above you and your are not above me. Go ahead and remove it--I have no problem with it. But just be polite in your requests.
  9. week end 2/22

    Starting total premium = 6084$ (intrinsic = zero)
    Current total premium = 5926$ (intrinsic = 1788)

    - 3%
  10. gkishot


    I am wondering why in your view it will end up flat? Short or long straddle is not necessarily flat at the expiration.
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