markets on the brink of disaster

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  1. it's holding on for dear life
  2. if 79725 goes, look out below! :eek:
  3. Just another day in the markets. Nothing special going on here.
  4. the volume is light. PPT will big the shit out of this soon. go long.
  5. Obama has destroyed america
  6. It coud be worse..I still think the PPT will close this green
  7. mucko


    Based on the big rally attempt earlier in the day to rescue, they certainly have the fuel for the big kill day.
  8. S2007S


    I hope some of you sold the rallies,

    Does anyone now believe were headed to new lows or do you think the new bull market is coming.

    See you at dow 7000!!!!!!!!!!
  9. l2tradr

    l2tradr often are you right though?
  10. yea...I can see another 5%-9% one-day rally soon. There are so much dumb money shorting the market now.
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