Markets Not Going To Crash Tommorow!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. The way the futures are going down.. It sounds like the markets are gonna Crash... We could expect some news from FED saying some bullshit and I am sure who did bought stocks premarket are gonna be rich..

    But again this is not going to resolve anything.. We slide after that.. Not tommorow ie my point..

    Crash means more than 6% drop in indexes.

    Now u guys start bashing me..
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    This market needs a 1 day 8-10% drop followed by a long 10 year down to sideways move. Propping it up with new plans and tactics is going to destroy this market not help it.
  3. i hope everyone is saving cash for the best LONG TERM buying opportunity since 1987!!!!
    Seriously.. be patient and piece into your LONG term buys of the
    INDEXES and you will be rewarded very well.

    For the long haul I am looking into MSFT and pharm. companies that are paying nice dividends. As well as qqq and SPy
  4. That's just plain idiotic, but a mainstream belief.

    Hmmm sounds familiar.
  5. AKA "Dead Money" "for the long haul"
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    Agree 100%.
  7. The Real Crash is still pending..
  8. The DOW, S&P, and Nasdaq are basically flat over the last ten years.

    You want another ten years of that?
  9. Cash is king... just watch for a run on the banks.
  10. i hope we get a 90% correction in the snp from this level downwards so that no one is able to retire and the american empire collapses and we form tribes and go into the stone age.
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