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  1. Out of the following pairs:

    I notice that from all those pairs many have the same chart structure i.e. 5 of them look the same : AUD/USD , AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, USD/JPY

    I personally decided not to trade them all but just pick one of them since they will moving in the same direction.

    the other are not has much corrolated in price structure.

    see the picture below
  2. same price structure
  3. pairs with different price structure
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  5. r4Nd.m

    r4Nd.m has additional info re correlation
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  8. There's a useful overlay tool for MT4 here, it's interesting to compare correlation over various time frames.

    There are probably similar tools for other charting packages.

    Apart from filtering out which pairs to trade, how else could it be used? Does any pair lead another pair often enough to be useful?
  9. r4Nd.m


    You can take the same side of 2 low correlated pairs & close when in overall profit. Similar to pair trading.
  10. So a kind of hedge? Something like short Eur/Usd and short Usd/Chf and hope they go out of sync in your favor?

    How about triangular arbitrage, people say there aren't many opportunities any more, has anyone tried it lately?
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