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  1. Waggie thanks for that info btw. Very useful for a sportspage and comics reader like me.

    I should get out more.
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  2. Anyone notice how much Herb Greenberg at Real Money is moving stuff lately with his columns (almost always to the DOWNSIDE) He has been all over EDS for months.

    This guy is moving stuff as much as the WSJ, heard on the street, Business Week or anything else as of late. His articles usually come out mid moring too, if anyone subscribes to RM might be worth watching for those midday articles next few weeks as he is really knocking down some stocks as of late.

    Mentioned BBOX after the close and has been on them for a while as a short. Might be worth a look next few days as it sits near 52 week lows here but hasn't really broken down yet.

    Herb Greenberg
    Black Mark for Black Box?
    9/18/02 05:33 PM ET

    For what it's worth: Belden (BWC:NYSE), a supplier of cable to Black Box (BBOX:Nasdaq), just warned, blaming weakness in Europe -- which is where Black Box in the past has claimed strength and which is where it's expanding. Wouldn't seem to be good for Black Box, a classic nonstick stock
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