Markets halted!!

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  1. Something big is going on!! Orders not getting filled, Tape as static as a Van Gogh painting.
  2. You haven't heard? Jesus is being crusified.
  3. r-in


    Wow, I'd better call my broker, and tell him. Don't know what's going on for you, but I just got filled as I was reading your post. Although I'm trading the es and ec, and CME is open for a bit this morning.
  4. spinn


    You geniuses have to be kidding. The market is closed for good Friday.

    Only on ET.
  5. seeking alpha
  6. WTH!!!

    I need to get out my positions and call my broker!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

  7. r-in


    CME was open premarket hours. Just long enough to catch an EC sell.
  8. S2007S


    Not to worry folks, they may be halted until Monday but don't worry, any halting in this market is positive. Futures ended at the high of the day so come Monday after this long weekend the rally resumes.
  9. dudes hopeully and seriously did know that the CME futures index markets were only opened until around 8:00am CST...currency futures close at 10:00am CST...tell me you knew before you traded...please
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