Market's gotta be rigged

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Eliot Hosewater, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Was there any good news today?

    Or was it so bad that everyone is betting on another rate cut?
  2. The news is you're short.
  3. :) :D

  4. Must be rigged if you dont know whats going on right? Please....dont flatter yourself.

  5. Just trying to stay relatively delta neutral.

    Why don't you 'splain it to the rest of us? What's so bullish that the market isn't tanking right now?

    Is it the weak Xmas sales, banks and brokerages selling off to foreigners, rising oil, credit card defaults increasing, continuing subprime mortgage mess (and spreading), biggest decline in house prices in 20 years, economy so bad that the fed's just GOTTA lower by 50 bp's, GM "operationally bankrupt", etc, etc?

    I'm about to start dipping my toes into long stocks again. Last time was 1999. Time before that was 1987. I am a bit skeptical.
  6. This is a trading website geared towards daytrader/short term trading, sounds more like you are an investor?

    Trading isnt about trying to figure out why the market is doing what its doing, its about learning to anticipate price movement. And as an investor, you cant concern yourself with one day, especially the day after xmas when volume is so light.

  7. You´re wrong ! Take a look at 10 yr notes ! Yields rising ! No recession fears !
  8. If the yield gets back to 4.5% I'm buying.
  9. Market's gotta be rigged -------->>> Sounds as though you are looking to place blame for losing trades. Whenever I read a post that says anything to the effect of, "Manipulation, rigged, fixed....etc...." I know I'm reading a post from a losing trader.

    New Year's Resolution: Scrap what you "think" will happen and just trade what actually "does" happen. If you can't let go of your bias' you'll never win.

    I don't give a rat's ass if the market goes up or down, I'm just here to make money -- period! That's the approach you need to take into the new year.

    Your job as a trader is simple -- put yourself in a position to take advantage of opportunity when it is presented. What you or I "think" or "feel" about the market has absolutely no value -- <b>None!</b>.

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    For all the reasons you stated above and the market is still up should signal probably the greatest buying opportunity in the history of the stock market. Mortgage your home and put your childrens college education into the market you will be greatly rewarded. If I thought there would be one day that the market should have been down it was today. Because no one knew about the expected weak Xmas sales, rising oil prices, credit problem, mortgage mess (not just subprime anymore) not to mention how the FED has GOTTA lower rates. With all the inside information why would you just dip your toes? You should be doing a backflip off the high dive into the deep end.
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