Markets extremely boring to trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. S2007S


    DOW up 0.73
    NASDAQ down 0.37.

    I cant wait until next week.
  2. yeah, complete snoozer. but it was to be expected (last 2 weeks in aug usually are dead).
  3. jsmooth


    is Sept historically a Bearish or Bullish month?
  4. I see no reason why the spx cant double in sept. They're doing a great job of making this mkt look strong so they can get people to buy when labor day is over. IMHO a significant top is in the making.
  5. Boredom is part of the game. It is a big problem for some of us. Overtrading or taking marginal trades is the usual outcome. I have solved the problem by only watching at key times of the day. I might be missing some trades but I think overall it is working well for me.
  6. moo


    It has statistically been the worst month of the year.
  7. Why the sell off last 1/2 hour?
  8. Typical end-month session' dip at the close... they held 'em propped all day, then funds front-run other funds unloading their window dressings.

    Happens often enough to be a pattern: my only two trades today went 0pts ER and then +3pts ER right into the close. We've seen enough of these last minute dips to expect them more often than not... especially end-quarter and index rebalance events.
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    Yup been told that everyone already went on vaction JK, been trading for only 2 months and still trying to learn to stay focus even tho nothing is going on... Lets all cross fingers for Sept..
  10. S2007S


    sept and oct
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