Markets don't need this now - Obama was member Chicago bath house frequented by gays.

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  2. Stoopidest thread I've ever seen, and that's saying quite a lot.
    Stoopider than even the birther shit.
    Stoopider than...
    Oh Lawd. Just stoopid.

    (Did anyone notice the bit about the IRS purging the membership records? Soaring stupidity. Truly exceptional.)
  3. Whoops! Correction: it was the Secret Service. Wouldn't want to get that one wrong. (Is it possible to be wrong about a paranoid/schizoid delusion?)
  4. You may not be informed about the substance of the matter.

    Larry Sinclair alleges an extramarital affair with Obama. This is a review on Amazon written by a person who has read Sinclair's book:

    "This is Larry Sinclair's story of his sexual encounters with Barack Obama.

    I have finished reading one of the signed and numbered "pre-release" books.

    If Mr. Sinclair is NOT telling the truth, and wishes to disguise his lies, he is going about it in entirely the wrong way. The following items are submitted in the book: Mr. Sinclair has signed police affidavits describing his encounters with Obama. He contacted the Chicago area hotel where he stayed while having sexual relations with Obama, and secured the computerized records confirming his stay. He submitted to police the cell phone numbers he used during this time, and the cell phone numbers used when he was contacted by the Obama campaign. He has sent an exact physical description of Obama's genitals to Michelle Obama. Mr. Sinclair is initiating some very strange contacts, if he is on a covert campaign to conceal the truth.

    And why is Larry's story not true? Because we cannot have a politician involved in sexual dysfunction. I just Googled "politician sex scandal" and got more than 200,000 results."
  5. Did you not notice how they decided the Secret Service destroyed all the evidence?????
    What this means: there is no evidence, and they had to make up some stupid-ass story to explain why.
    When you have evidence, come back.
  6. Only stupid because it's about Obama. If it was about Bush it would be Pulitzer Prize material.
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