Markets closed again today? WTF?

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  1. How lame cause they have finally decided to bury the poor guy the whole stock market has to be closed again.

    First it was closed on monday. Now tuesday?

    Has america suddenly gotten lazy and decided to invent new ways to not work?

    The consequences of such an extended trading pause can be devestating. 4 days no trading.

    And How do you lose to carter? How is that even possible? You have to really suck to pull that off.
  2. I wouldn't call 50 years "suddenly"
  3. 50 years? Make that 121.

    US financial markets have traditionally closed for a full day (rarely for part of a day), out of respect, for every dead president since the funeral of Ulysses Grant in 1885.
  4. What concerns me is the total lack of respect I have observed over the passing of our last two former presidents.

    I imagine this will increase as time goes on.

    I wonder if this is one of the precursors to a civilizations crumble?
    The underlying reasons I mean, the core problem with our values.
  5. I still say the markets are really closed for James Brown.

    I think some of you guys thought that Gerald Ford was the former CEO of F. Maybe F will get a little action now.
  6. Do other businesses close today in the US?, is it a national holiday?

    If not, it seems that only the stock markets closes?
  7. The futures are open the Dow mini is up 62 points on 1431 contracts hahahahah the party continues.
  8. Please show some respect... how sad is this post... This tradition has been around for some time... do your research... explain how 4 days of no trading is "devistating" ... I cover PMs/Traders at large hedge funds... they do not seem to mind the day off... either do I... take the day to learn about Ford...
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    Were you trying to make fun of the way he spelled "devestating" by spelling it "devistating" and still spelling it wrong? Oh no, that is devastating.
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    There is no mail delivery today ---don't know about other businesses yet though.

    As far as having a day off for the passing of a former president and complaining the markets are closed-give me a break! We have the greatest country in the world and it's that way because of a lot of things, but one of them is our sense of tradition and patriotism.

    I served in the military all of my life and was always happy to just know that when my day was done and my tour was over I would be coming back to the USA. No other place on earth or in my mind can give me that feeling.

    Remember that even though the markets are closed and we mourn a president that may or may not hve been great, it's part of who we are and part of what makes our nation so great. If everytime I flew a mission and felt that the order was wrong or that the powers that be were wrong and every other serviceman felt that way--there wouldn't be a market!

    JUst my two cents worth.

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