Market's Been Down For 3 Hours...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scataphagos, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Where's the cavalry?
  2. KevMo


    Trump has lost control of the narrative. Law of diminishing returns hitting bigtime on Donnie's tweets.

    Option flows are pressing their bets in slow, summer, grinding grizzly day

    Could get very, very ugly. Like down 4-5%

    Bring it!
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  3. tommcginnis


    The thing is, I don't think it's U.S. at all:
    we started down at 3am: Germany -- economic concerns==U.S. follows DAX.
    But to keep it going? Afghanistan is roiling *for* peace, just as India is roiling *for* war. This leaves a very active Pakistani army well-primed to turn 180° and start marching into Kashmir.
    China has its own economic woes to keep them occupied, along with building/defending The Spratley Islands ["cough cough":rolleyes:}, trying to keep Kim Ill-Son on the leash, and "Hoy!" let's throw in some heavy-handed Hong Kong Gone Wrong into the mix. Can they lend a hand with a Pakistani/India conflict? Hell no! They share enough border to be drawn in! ("Pick a side, please! Pick a side!")

    Ugliness abounds, and it's portent to global markets is :confused: and :mad: and :vomit:.

    "Not good."

    Tweets could pop us tomorrow; tweets could sink us overnight. I'm a BIG fan of economic/market vol :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:; I abhor non-market vol.:mad::thumbsdown::mad:
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  4. Turveyd


    Trump will tweet about his bathroom habits and his fake tan and the world will rejoice and the markets will fly.

    He's like 107 shouldn't he just do the world a favour and die already :(
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  5. noddyboy


    No PPT today.
  6. No PPT, has the Fed pulled the rug from under Mnuchin ? Orange is losing his shit on twitter today... He's gonna start getting nightmares and cold sweats soon if SP drops another 5 %
  7. Overnight


    I love how he's just now looking at the markets, and is trying very feebly to move markets in Tweets with more of this pathetic Fed bashing and "winning against China" BS. He's so transparent he should be in copyright violation for Saran-Wrap's patent.
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  8. trader99


    I got whipsawed this morning on NQ. I was short even. But the first few minutes got whipsawed out of my position and got out at a loss. Was so disappointed. With shorts, you gotta pick your spots very carefully given the nasty buy the dip crowd that rips up and tear your shorts apart.

    Then late afternoon, I participate in a reversal and went long for 37 pts on NQ! Bam! Got out at the top of that move. Then it moved down hard after that. Whew! With countertrend trades, you gotta be superfast. Can't be holding.

    Should have gotten back in for another 30 pts ride up at the last lows. But glad I made back all of my losses in the morning and some on NQ!

    I guess I would have made more if I had stayed short and held. but for me, it's hard to hold through 30pts whiplash
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  9. No PPT any day concerning equity markets. If someone has evidence otherwise, let's see it. I'm far more interested in real factors like corporate buy backs, mutual fund / etf holdings in the stock market, corporate profits and dividends.
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  10. trader99


    wow! market falling apart...
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