Markets are stupid

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  1. because mankind is stupid.
    That's the conclusion I have come to.

    Oil at $150 7 months ago,
    now $30

    Two years ago stocks couldn't go down, now they can't go up

    Some people believe you have to follow the smart money
    (is there any such thing really ?)
    I say figure out where stupidity is going and you will be rich.
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    Bingo... but don't let the herd know :eek:
  3. They are not stupid....they are MANIPULATED! :)

    Follow the globalists and you will be VERY profitable! :)
  4. the globalists failed in not getting mcCain elected, but they were able to infiltrate his cabinet. Buy thi dip. Geitner and summers =more bailout and stimulus.
  5. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.....mccain was NOT their "apt pupil" your research better next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHEESH!!!!!!!!!! :confused:
  6. Give up the notion that the market is rational. Develop a system based on what actually happens, not what is supposed to happen, and stick to it ruthlessly.
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    Obama is a perfect puppet

    for some reason dogs like fucking puppets