Markets are just plain boring right now.

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  1. I bet during earnings season, we get one opening gap up after another.

    Then we trade sideways all day, rinse and repeat, over and out.
  2. Current market is mostly garbage for daytrading, paradise for bagholders.
  3. I love consecutive +0.5-1% gap ups, and then 7.5 hours of minimal range, every day, day in day out. Perfect environment for being a pig!
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    I don't know risktaker, I made just over 2 k on YM today

    I am a day trader, not a scalper
  5. low volume equals low volatility
  6. if long is wrong.. I dont want to be right!!

    I love 100% up room to go
  7. Sorry to dissapoint but that's chump change for my trading style.

    In good daytrading markets I'm making $20-50K a day.

    Nowadays I practically don't even bother with this BS.

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    oops here I thought I am big fish

    well anyway, I will get to your size, just you wait. :)
  9. It has nothing to do with big fish/little fish.

    The fact is I can't make any money daytrading this market with my style/strategies. So I pretty much sit on the sidelines these days since I also don't wan't to hold overnights. I think it's great that you're actually able to make some dough here.

    I need more volatility than what's available at the moment.

  10. Just 100 ES contracts and a 4 point move, and your their.
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