Markets are in trouble.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Posted this in an earlier thread. You guys are going to see some crazy movements in the next week.

    Just watch. Dont say I didn't tell ya.

    Some wierd activity up here lately.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I will position myself accordingly. Thanks again!
  3. You are a genius sir how can I not fail to make some extra $$$ with that. My kids thank you
  4. So do mine. Can I expect HSI to move from simply psychotic to utterly fucking nuts?
  5. Succinct and to the point. Excellent analysis, sir.
  6. nkhoi

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    quick! bring out the midget, tough crowd tonight!
  7. How can you trade it at the moment I get scared just looking at the motherf..ker. The Spi is much more sane
  8. i just saw something i've never seen in 5 years with tws, EWW is halted... bright red in the tws.. tho i don't think it was quoting yet, not sure. that's wierd

    tradestation's trade server was down for 15-20 mins tonight too as the mkt started to move. looks like possibly an unusual day brewing
  9. When the crowd thinks this way, it's usually the wrong side of the trade. Just like the post-Fed rally last week.
  10. Yea, ET is a perfect fade.

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