markets are always right

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Daseer, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Daseer


    I believe that all markets,under any and all conditions, simply are right. If I were to go long on a particular asset (stock, commodity, coins, etc.) and somehow it went south, it becomes a loss if sold. Now if it went up, awesome! In the latter, we were not right. We just went with the market. In the former, we were wrong. Remember, trade the markets not with the intent to make money but to stay in as long as possible until that time comes
  2. dont


    Markets are always wrong why do you think they move!
  3. I believe markets reflect people's expectations and beliefs regarding the traded asset in question.

    There is no such thing as the market being "right" or "wrong" IMO.

    We just have to make the best (ie. be able to profit) of what we know about the markets in any given moment (MUCH easier said than done).
  4. bsmeter


    No you're wrong.

    Markets are stupid and dumb. Otherwise no one would be able to take money out of it.

    And with your silly quote I can tell you don't trade for a living. So in your case the markets are smarter. :D
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    I just trade when the time is right. If I was rich, who cares about this forum? Here's a reality check...Each one of us has gotten burned by the markets at least once. We are not here to prove anything but to give our insights and be enlightened. Good luck to you guys. Oh...if you hit double digit millionaire status, would you care to share how you got there?