Markets and randomness

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  1. or spontaneous-organic-discord - depending on what mood she's in..
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  2. Her moves are in complete and utter harmony being that she serves as nothing more than a mirror reflection of our collective actions and non-actions.

    The discord is only a matter of a traders subjective perception...

    BTW; I am going to kick your ass next weekend, Publias has a big trade in the wings :)
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  3. jaan


    correct, but this only applies to your very narrow definition of "movement".

    in effect, the only thing your test demonstrates is that "if you only know today's price of a security, then there's no way to predict tomorrow's price with better than random probability". this does not mean, however, that there's no way to predict tomorrow's price given addional information (such as the prevailing trend, resistance/support areas, or breaking news).

    or put it another way: i can come up with dozens of numeric sequences that appear as random to you-name-it tests, however, which one can predict with 100% accuracy, given additional information not "seen" by the tests.

    an algorithmic random number generator would be one such example: the output appears random, but is really 100% deterministic sequence, given the algorithm and the seed.

    - jaan
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  5. Aphi,

    I've found that a lot times, tick by tick (stock) has best predictability. while Certain times it seems unpredictable to me. This is why I scalp.
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    Brother Pussy,

    One more alias?


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  7. Where does one find all these "successful mechanical systems - of which there are many"?
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    nitro :D
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  9. Cracker Jack boxes ...
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  10. Thanks for the hot tip! That's the one place I haven't looked. Are they in every box or is it one of those "many will try - 5 will win" giveaways? Do I need to collect all 10,000 - with one in each individually sealed box? Oh well, I guess I'll spend a fortune on Cracker Jack boxes to add to my bookcase. Thanks again. :)
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