Markets and Market Logic

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bundlemaker, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Will pay cash or have things to trade. Anyone out there have this book? Post here or PM me, whatever you prefer.
  2. boris


    I will swap it with you , I have over 1500 titles 80GB Who is the author?
  3. i have it... whats your bid?
  4. Offered at 295 on Amazon. Nice for the collection, but Im not sure it would vary much from Stedlmayers Mind Over Markets or Trading With Market Profile.
  5. << offered at 295 on Amazon >>

    The price is getting lower...... the last time i looked for it on Amazon it was $795.00 . Also there are more sellers now.
  6. What's so special about that book? Why is it so expensive? Is there any secret techniques that help you make a lot of money?
  7. boris


    I have them all on pdf