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    hi, Anybody is using .
    Please let me know of your opinion.

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    I think Market club is a pretty useful site. I really like their simplistic approach to trading. I have used what they said combined with other indicators MACD etc. to become very succesful in trading.
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    What is spam? My review of market club?

    It has worked for me. At least it has help me with my discipline, which has been my biggest problem as a trader. It is by no means a holy grail for trading.
  5. i have not taken any of the mc courses (yet), but i do enjoy and benefit from their free demos. i use INO.COM's technical auto-text review of the markets i am watching every day, and greatly appreciate adam hewison making it available to all of us-- for free. great emotionally detached synopsis of what the stochs and rsi (but not the macd?) are doing and where the next support and resistance levels are likely to be. i just hate the new refco logo on the charts that the new refco compnay requires as part of their allowing INO to use the new refco compnay's chart data.
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    excellent charts, excellent scans, excellent embedded purely mechanical trading system; definitely worth the effort of a free trial.
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    I've been watching the videos these guys are sending out to my email the last month or so and they are peaking my interest.

    I'm still a newbie but looking for some sort of software or service that will speed up the learning process and help with trade confirmation. unfortunately i don't know any successful (only unsuccessful ones) traders personally, so i'm looking for outside help.

    Currently considering MarketClub, VectorVest, TradeGuider etc. would love to hear any feedback on any of these systems.

    I know most of you seasoned traders don't use these programs, but maybe some of you used them once and found value in them?

    thanks and happy trading.
  8. If they don't have a verifiable track record, then they are only teaching you how not to succeed. Verifiable meaning they post ALL of their trades in the site and allow you a free trial to verify the trades are real, or trades are audited by a real broker or an independent site (timertrac, futurestruth, whatever), etc. etc.

    99+% of these sites do not work. Watching charts or flashy presentations or fancy websites or useless "testimonials" does not make them any better. Most sites exist, because their owners cannot make money themselves, so they make money by "teaching" others what doesn't work.
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    Hey TraderZones,

    thanks for the quick response. I appreciate you not blowing me up for asking a newb question...there's a lot of flaming on this board.

    I've noticed they do offer a 30 day trial, not sure about the trades though...i imagine even if they post their trades it would be very easy to fudge the truth.

    so i take it you don't have any good experiences with any of these services?

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    It's PIQUING, not PEAKING, your interest. Geezus.
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