MarketCetera - How good is it really?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gmst, May 17, 2013.

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    At least the people behind this firm look impressive with engineering degrees from Stanford and some wall street experience. One guy worked for Jane street, also ex-director of electronic trading at a hedge fund.

    Does any one uses this software? Any experiences? How much would be monthly cost to have this software? It is open source but with plug-ins for which they charge. What are the key features of this software?
  2. If you read their forums you will see a lot of disappointment. It has not really been possible to build from open source because the source was always far behind the version that was actually in use, or parts were missing.

    At least, that was my impression some time ago.

    I have never heard of anyone actually using it. If anyone is using it, please post.
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    Even read access to their forum requires some kind of login and password. So, before going that route, I thought I will ask for experiences on ET. So, thanks for sharing your experience. Lets see if we can get some more responses.