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  1. Chuck_T

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    Check it out ...

    We are launching a new web site with FREE quotes and charts on Futures, Forex, Stocks including international exchanges.

    It is in Beta and we would welcome your feedback. This is a phase one release. Will be adding more news, options, ETFs and funds data shortly.

    We also offer our streaming Java product MarketCenterLive!

  2. VictorS


    nice site. plenty of different things are there.
  3. Chuck,

    Couple of things you should (IMHO) add:

    - Full set of spreads on each exchange. For CME/LIFFE/SIMEX Eurodollars that would mean calendars, butterflys, condors, packs, bundles. At present you're not carrying any spreads at Marketcenter, but your underlying Futuresource ticker plant has at least some. Crank it up!

    - Constant volume bars or constant tick volume bars. Yes, I know they're computationally expensive to generate and hog huge bandwidth to update. Without that you'll never beat CQG. They already do it, you can do it, too.

    - Decent historical database, including tick level or 1 minute intraday with volume or tick volume plus dailies for current and expired contracts. Storage is cheap!

    - Data export to .CSV files

    Do that and you'll have me as a paying customer.

  4. Chuck_T

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    qazwsxedc & victors,

    Thanks for the feedback! We have a lot of new content to add to the site shortly, just waitng for some contracts to get finalized. There will be breaking business news, fundamental data, and details on funds coming.

    After that we'll have some advanced features, charts, and portfolios.

  5. lexia


    Please correct this mistake under "World Markets". Here is an undertitle" Nordic Markets" in which Netherlands is included.
    The Nordic countries are Danmark, Finland, Norway,Iceland and
    Sweden. Please include the missing countries :D
  6. Hello Chuck

    The world markets section seems to have a few errors.For eg karachi stock exchange is listed under India!

    Congratulations on a good site
  7. Chuck_T

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  8. lexia


    Geography is not as easy as it seems. Under Nordic markets Denmark has index for Finland and Sweden has index for Switzerland. :confused:
  9. syd697


    Will futures options be added?
  10. Chuck_T

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    Thanks lexia, you are good at finding those! We'll update.

    syd697, yes you can enter individual futures options like:

    ED Z5P9600

    Don't have the series done yet, but coming along with Stock Options and Index Options in the next 60 days or so.

    #10     Jun 28, 2005