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  2. and a history of buying at least 1 share in a brokerage account to verify results with, even if commissions eat your return up.
  3. " and a history of buying at least 1 share in a brokerage account" is NOT an officially recognised, marketable track record.
    My question was serious, your answer - not :(
  4. It has been my experience that an auditor will not audit historical brokerage statements. They want to have oversight <i>during</i> the process. If you want an audit you will have to contact a CPA firm and have them do it from Jan 1st forward, for example. If you are trading an individual account expect to pay about 5-10k. If you are trading for other people currently then you can double it, perhaps more depending on the reputation of the auditor and the size and complexity of your operation.

    Accounting services are extremely expensive but not quite as high as legal services. These are the kinds of costs that make you squeeze your butt cheeks together when you're signing the check. :mad:
  5. Dunno what you are trading, but Attain, Striker and Robbins are brokers who will validate your trades, and even give you the ability to sell your services. Generally, you need to trade an account with them.
  6. "Attain, Striker and Robbins are brokers who will validate your trades"
    hmm, sounds interesting ! could you give links to their sites?
    I never hear about them :(
  7. It depends on your marketing skills. I know one guy who's got to manage serious money based only on (unaudited) simulation results. He's got no degree but he's very good at talking :)

    You won't believe how stupid some rich people are.
  8. it's quoite funny to hear such stories, but the thing is that I'm russian living in russia and I don't have any reach friends, nobody will beleive my "unaudited" results, that's why I'm looking for the easiest and cheapest way to have audited, officially recognised track record.
    Any suggestions?
  9. (they have a well-known World Cup competition, starts Jan 1)
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