Market would have been up 100 if not for options

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Yes, I thought the tone of the market was exceptional today. Every time they went to sell large size, there were buyers.

    Every seller, all day was met with buying, and if not for options expire, we would have had a huge day.

    Look at gold, its telling us all is well with the world.

    Monday will be the biggest rally of the year.
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    would you be willing to bet on this?
  3. market would have been down -200 on Wednesday if not for Bernanke
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    That's like saying if there were no sellers the market would have rallied.

    This break is just begining.
  5. So far stock777 1, the rest 0

  6. my opinion is that you are wrong; however, if we get a handful of strong up days in the next 15 sessions i think the trend will have reversed.

    if we do not get upside follow-through on heavy volume, the rallys are more oppurtunities to buy puts.

    just one man's opinion.

    edit: i would also like to add that the only reason we are up right now is because of all the pre-market futures action. think of this morning's premarket like pouring gasoline on concrete. after a while, one spark will set off the fumes and cause the gas to explode, but eventually it will burn out.

    the PPT at it's finest! :eek: :cool: :D :D
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    Guys, give it a rest. Stock777 nailed it, end of story. Dow is up 140 points in 90 mins.
    Once you are wrong, it takes a man to acknowledge it. Grow up and congratulate Stock777 on the good call...

  8. care to tell me what the current volume is?
  9. Pekelo, now we know who sells into these rallies.

    And it would be good if you got a quote feed so you could see the volume for yourself.
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    He didn't say anything about the volume, did he? :)

    Dow is up 150....

    Edit: Make it 161...
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