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  1. I've been told that half of the traders interviewed in the market wizards books have blown up and a lot of them teach now.. anyone know if htis is true?
  2. Well, investing in Richard Dennis' gay ass fund cost me a six figure loss 4 years ago, when he blew out his second fund.

    I do highly respect Linda Bradford Raschke though. Extreme talent there, I've seen it first hand.
  3. Wow that sux, I've only read parts of the books, what calibre is Richard Dennis at? How does he compare to Cohen, Tudor Jones, Soros etc?

    Thanks buddy
  4. Soros & Steve Cohen are the absolute best in the world at what they do. Dennis is a washed up hack who I never should have entrusted with my capital in the first place. His little green reptile proteges make their money from selling their 'amazing money making system' instead of actually trading.

    As for Tudor Jones, I'm really not knowledgeable enough to comment.

  5. As you are a trader by yourself, why did you buy a fund??
  6. Does he have a website or something where he sells his "trading system"?
  7. Diversification. I only traded a fraction of my capital above what Schonfeld provided.
  8. He was a mutual fund trader whose style is now defunct. He was quoted in a piece recently (New York Time or Businessweek, can't remember which) covering the whole Canary Capital scandal.

    Eliot Spitzer has blown this whole business apart.

    You have inspired me to go back and look at both market wizard books as well as the stock market wizard book (there are 3 in all). I'll bet most of these guys are defunct.
  9. Even better than people think
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