Market Wizards Part IV

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    If Jack Schwager were to start writing another edition of Market Wizards today, who do you think would or should be interviewed to represent today's top traders?
    PS: You can't include yourself. :D
  2. homeboy from renaissance. the math guy.
  3. empee


    jim simmons
  4. Pekelo


    I think he should write Part IV. but instead of big names, he should profile everyday traders who make a living from home. We read enough of the big hot shots...
  5. he should do one of each . . .
  6. skalpz or whatever moniker he's using these days...
  7. I really enjoyed his stock market wizards book. Lot's of insight into what stock guys do to make money, and the interview with Cohen provided some good insight into his world.

    I think he should continue to interview good traders. PTJ would be one.

    No PROP traders, i don't want our secrets getting out. :)
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    Paul Tudor Jones was interviewed in the first book. Not that he isn't worthy of another interview, I just think Schwager would want new blood.

    But then again, a new book about "Where Are They Now" that tells how or IF the "wizards" are still performing now would be interesting.
  9. Paul Rotter (the alleged Eurex Flipper) would be a good one.

    Maybe Lawrie Inman of Marex another.
  10. T-Bone Pickens
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