Market Wizards - how many are there?

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  1. the book market wizards, i thought there was only one with a lot of editions and versions. It seems that there are actually many different ones really. how many are there in total?
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    Extremely Sorry to be so rude but are you retarded? Can't you just go to amazon site and find out how many different market wizards books are there - you can verify by looking inside the similar sounding books and comparing table of contents.

    Blunt feedback - if you are smart enough to do above but just didn't do that because of lazyness, man don't get into trading. this is one of the toughest profession you would lose all your money. Very useful advice here, even though I have been blunt. If you don't listen to my advice, come back and read this after 6 months, you will realize how true I have been.

    Anyways to answer your question, 3 books have been published and 4th is coming out soon.
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