Market Wizards 4 coming soon!

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    He's baaaaaaack. Jack Schwager returns for a 4th book in the popular Market Wizard series. This 4th book, called "Hedge Fund Market Wizards" will focus on the bigger game. Same loveable format as before with the synopsis in each chapter with the interview style dialogue. This book is no lightweight, it comes in at 544 pages and weighing 3 lbs!!!!

    Coming soon to a book store near you May 29th!
  2. Craig66


    I'm getting teary eyed and nostalgic already :)
  3. Thanks, I just pre-ordered.
  4. This guy still doesn't know how to trade?

    If the writer of this book has no clue of trading, what value can a reader get from his book?

    Walking into a hedge fund and chatting with the manager and jotting down the casual, absent-minded, joking, hallucinating, or even deliberately misleading words of the manager, and, there you go, a book. yeah, great book.

    What does he think the readers are? Stupid?

    He may be right. :D :D

    The key to success is higher education, like MBA degree, preperably from University of Phoenix. They have a trading room, you know.

    If I cannot make money in the next two years from trading, I will start writing books. That's the plan, yes, writing a book. The title of the book is : "The key to successful trading"

    I bet many stupid readers will buy my book.

    Pre-order my book, you idiot :p
  5. Im not getting a good feeling about this.

    He may be diminishing the brand. Kind of like Wall St. 2.:D
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    I can't wait for Elite Trader Wizards, there are so damn many gurus on here Jack will be busier than a one-armed drywaller with jock itch. Chapter one- Jack hershey, chapter two- super cycle....
  7. :D :D :D :D :D
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    Great. But how old is Schwager now? I hope it won't affect the content. "Market Wizards" is the best book ever on trading.
  9. Chapter III, ProfLogic+BWolinsky...
  10. Thanks for heads up on book.

    Jack knows he can't/doesn't want to trade for one reason or another so he chooses to follow a path that he can do which is writing. Doesn't mean there is no value in the book. Don't you think it is interesting reading about the best in this business. I do. If you're looking for an ironclad step by step system from the book then your expectations are just wrong.

    Every single post on ET of yours is negative, bitching, or moaning. Why?
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