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  1. Does anyone know any books by some of the traders in Market Wizards? Obviously there is Pit Bull...but that is really all I know of. Anyone know of any others?
  2. William O'Neil
    Linda Raschke
    Tony Saliba
    Van Tharp
    Ed Seykota
    Charles Faulkner
    Victor Sperandeo
    Jim Rogers

    Some I can think of.
  3. Great, thanks a lot. I'll look into those.

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    Tom Basso's book (link) was pretty good.
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    A few more not mentioned yet:

    Market Wizards...

    Michael Steinhardt, No Bull: My Life In and Out of Markets

    The New Market Wizards...

    Mark Ritchie, God in the Pits: Confessions of a Commodities Trader

    Mark Ritchie, God in the Pits: The Enron Jihad Edition

    Robert Krausz, W. D. Gann Treasure Discovered: Simple Trading Plans for Stocks & Commodities (Book and DVD)

    Stock Market Wizards...

    Ari Kiev - 4 books in print, 2 more on the way
  7. As I recall, Van Tharp and Charles Faulkner were not among Schwager's actual market wizards. Rather, they were coaches to traders who also dabbled in trading.
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    They were. Tharp in MW, Faulkner in NMW.
  9. Please read my prior post again. I don't think they were interviewed in Schwager's books for their trading acumen. If memory serves, their interviews were limited almost exclusively to the psychology of trading, and not necessarily and specifically their own trading.