Market will turn tomorrow for sure.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chrismontez, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I know because I bought puts today.
  2. Sh*t let me get this hoe out of my bed and go buy me some puts.

    P.S. You damn sure about the puts dude?
  3. I think he meant mkt will go higher now that he is short
  4. "I think he meant mkt will go higher now that he is short"

    Bingo, you got it. I really should publish a newsletter lsiting my trades, it would be a great contrarian guide.
  5. :D
  6. haha I have been holding some puts for a little while and began adding to some long term long positions I want to try to make the market tank.

    I think maybe a little bounce from 875 and we keep heading down tho, but earnings is everything. However housing and employment numbers continue to slide, so I dont know how earnings will save us with all the optimism skewing expectations.
  7. I did this same thing last year in July, bought Sept 520 puts on the OEX but was too early and they went down. When I got back up to even I didn't hold them or roll them out to the Oct 520's. BIG mistake, those $300 puts finished $10,000 in the money each. This time I'll let them ride and and buy spiders on the bounces if I'm wrong.
  8. Goldman just stuck a long one up your butt
  9. S2007S


    What a classic turnaround going into the close.

    got to like it.