Market will try and force the fed

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  1. Market will try and froce the fed to act on a rate cut.
  2. Stop the madness!
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    tune into cnbc, all morning long all they talked about was a fed cut....pathetic.....

    If they do cut expect problems down the line.
  4. For months, bulls have been shamelessly promoting the health of the (global) economy, and the markets as an extension. Yet, after only a few days of decline, they're ready to throw in the towel, calling on the Fed to lower rates and bury the dollar in the process.
  5. Rate cut?
    Not now.

    Perhaps you are watching too much Mad Money.
    By the way Cramer is already Mad, he only needs to develop the Money part.
  6. Fed doesn't listen to the market or else the interest rate would be zero percent last year