Market will drop at close on Monday 8/9

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. hajimow


    Because of getting back to bad job report effect on Friday and more reports that will come tomorrow that shoudl not be good. McDolad sales which was up shows that people eat in low cost restuarnats more which is not a good sign.
  2. i hope you are right, but i am guessing we will close +/- flat from Fri close.

    MCD good earnings could be due to weak dollar but i don't know.
  3. last week had all bad news for stocks, it was mostly ignored. Market still can be gaped and squeezed up 100 points a day. maybe if fridays lows are challenged
  4. JeffUSA


    The only thing I think that can spook the market in the near future is if the Fed says something bad tomorrow.

    As for McDonald's earnings I wouldn't look too hard at that. They are constantly growing long term. If anything, in my opinion McDonald's earnings should be down. If more people are unemployed they should be staying home more and eating out less. That's my theory anyways.
  5. hajimow


    2:56 and market is at its highest and I am still on my word.
  6. BigSalad


    LOL - there's been so many threads like this over the years. Even if you're right we're not gonna be fooled by randomness :)
  7. gobar


    and what if u r wrong. week from now u will open another thread like this and so on.

    txn will beat earnings remember that one?
  8. hajimow


    LOL. Can't we have some fun :)
    I need a big salad :p
  9. I predict that we will have a market-drop some time in the future!

    Now pay me for that prediction!
  10. hajimow


    I said today. 80% of my predictions has come true. Stock market is like earthquake. If it does not drop today, the probability that it might drop tomorrow is higher and the size of drop also increases.
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